How do I remember Novorossiysk?

As it turned out on arrival, he lived in a small private house, which, with all the hospitality of its owners, could not accommodate sharply, almost twice, the increased number of residents. And I was determined to spend the night on a cot. The nights were warm in the southern, without rains, so a simple construction, a light berth was carried out every evening into the courtyard and installed not far from the house, slightly away from the path leading to the standpipe.

How to choose a sofa "softer and prettier"?

It is important that many modern synthetic materials are anti-allergenic. It is difficult to say which materials are better. It depends on how this or that stuffing is pleasant to your body. In good sofas, soft filler is a multi-layer, high-tech construction, the design of which takes into account many factors.

Is paradise for housewives possible?

What are the wonders of home appliances waiting for us here? We will start in the early morning when you need to make tea or coffee for the whole family, but you don’t feel like getting up from a warm bed. Well, it is not necessary! For us, this work will be done by the kettle itself with remote control, and we just need to pick up the remote control from it and press the button.

How not to "burn" on the way to the goal?

In this high-risk group there may be people who on duty help others, teach them. These are teachers, doctors, rescuers, social workers, etc. But in the development of the syndrome of combustion, not the last role is played by personal qualities of a person. Including perfectionism (the desire to achieve perfection), excessive demands on themselves and others.

How to program yourself to succeed?

The most common causes of failure are low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their abilities and fear of fiasco. But constant trampling on one place is not an option, on the contrary, someday it will finally put you in a dead end. But everyone is able to get himself out of the vicious circle of unrealized opportunities.