One hundred hours of happiness - is this not enough?

Life on the street did not stop for a second! Everything was decided together, stormy and bright! Of course, not as noisy as on the Soviet, but not as imperceptibly as on the intelligent Communist! It seems that our nanny and I knew every corner of our street. Still would! Every day we went with her for a walk and greeted all our friends sedately.

St. Petersburg sketches. What does the Pink Bunny hide?

But on the second day of my stay in St. Petersburg, the prospects for these two forces were not at all bright. I was not looking for love, but hunger was becoming stronger. But first things first. For some reason, our valiant law enforcement officers at the airport were not allowed to take food on the plane. "It does not matter," I decided, "I will buy groceries on the spot."

How to get rid of mice?

However, despite all our measures of protection, unwanted guests still penetrate our homes. They spoil our property, eat our food, build nests, their excrement ends up on our carpets. House mice can gnaw through everything - from books to mother's favorite closet. Willy-nilly, the question arises: how to get rid of these uninvited guests, how to drive mice out of my house?

How to cope with anxiety?

It is quite natural that a person is anxious in certain situations - on the eve of an important public speech, during a serious illness. But some people are haunted by anxiety even at the time when nothing threatens them at all. If a person does not pay attention to his condition, then anxiety can lead to various mental disorders: for example, neurosis, panic attacks, depressions, phobias, obsessive thoughts or actions.

What to do if a friend is an addict?

It was a few years ago and I no longer remember what the helpline manager answered. But this question is of great concern to me now, because since ancient times, man felt the need for a miracle, for leaving the real world. Belief in supernatural forces was reinforced by knowledge of plants and other substances capable of uncovering another reality for a while.